About me . . .

I was around four years old when I first perched at the piano to tap out a tune but as far back as I can remember my life has been about discovering music and making melodies, and later on, recordings, performances, teaching, writing songs and producing music. To this day I wake up with the desire to compose great material, create something to flood the senses and infuse my world with colour, texture, inspiration and hope.

Toronto’s Kiwanis Music Festival was my first public recital (second prize!) as a 10-year-old boy and by 14 years old, I was a regular in our church’s music ensemble. But, regardless of literally hundreds of hours in classical piano training,  it was the sound of jazz that seduced me. It drew me like a magnet to more contemporary genres and I began studying jazz theory and composition with saxophonist and band leader, Ted Moses, as well as the renowned Canadian musician, author, teacher and composer Gordon Delamont (described as “a guiding figure in the third-stream movement”),  and Darwin Aitken, premier symphonic piano teacher.

                            In my early 20’s I toured internationally with a band called 'Living Sound', collaborating in                                   multiple recording gigs but it was in South Africa where I fell deeply and irrevocably in love with studio environments.  I came back to Canada, set up shop in music production and promptly signed my first client project, creating the theme for 100 Huntley Street  TV production. Since then it's been multiple television documentaries, stage productions in  Europe,  dvertising, and lots of children’s programs, writing more than 50 songs for Circle Square that are still on air to this day,  30 years later! My commercial radio, television and film clients include: 

Coca Cola Canada                           Burger King                           Bell Canada

GE Mobile Phones                           Warner Lambert                     Industrial Life Insurance

Geranium Homes                             Teen College                          Imperial Oil (Esso)

Indellible Concepts (John Dell)       Rice Development                 Christian Blind Mission 

International Children’s Aid Society, and others.

Personally, they keyboard is my favourite instrument but I also sing, play guitars,  the saxophone and drums, and I teach almost everything.


My daily workload is about helping people discover music and its greatness, and to mentor them in thought and action.  Music is not just about cool sounds. It's the voice of the heart.  It reflects the soul. It's also medicine. Therapy. Just read up on some of the amazingly good things it does for a person's health and wellbeing.


So, a lot of what goes on  in my life is caught up in community outreach to help folks, and youth in particular, which is why I created a non-profit outfit named HIGHER GROUND NEIGHBOURHOOD OUTREACH (or HGNO) to help kids cope with life's challenges and personal issues through our music lessons, and playing instruments.  I also run HIGH PROFILE MUSIC, a recording business out of my studio, and get excited about what I see in terms of raw talent and dedication  radiating from people who walk through my door.

My job is to help them develop that gift.

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