This song about love being beautiful, has a moderate tempo with lots of drum and vocal FX. Inspired by Usher/Chris Brown. 

A lively upbeat song with CeeLo Green in mind. The guitar has lots of special riffs while the guitar and bass both drive the rhythm for the lead vocal.

This is a songwriter’s song. I presented my musical rendering to Wondagurl who came up with a cool rhythmic groove - a great collaboration. I’ve had this assessed by a few A&Rs who felt it definitely fits in the groove of the Empire Show.

A latin flare with acoustic guitar at the helm. The bass is big and smooth.  It’s inspired by Rudimental.

A slow groove with a lower pitched smooth reflective vocal. The bass guitar and drums fill the pocket very comfortably.

Inspired by Shawn Desmond, this song is positive with a retro slap bass feel and harmonized vocals.

I like Harmony, I listen to it again and again because it reminds me to reach beyond my little self-centred world. A hauntingly reflective feel. The rhythm FX work well with the strings and harp guitar

Being a musician for over 50 years makes things pretty busy. I've been teaching, composing, producing and developing local projects as well as a lot of everything else that goes with so many years in the music biz.

My music collaborations include the Toronto Symphony and Boss Brass players, and heard everywhere from inside restaurants and theatres, radio and TV broadcasts, to productions as far afield as Poland and South Africa. 

Thanks for visiting my website. Pull up a chair, get comfortable and click on some links to listen and look around. My music is categorized into three sections:


Smooth Jazz /Soundtracks

Trailers / Commercials.  

All songs are Easy Clear and publishing info is included in each link. Enjoy!


Carl James M.


Brooklyn, its streets, lights and traffic at midnight, cruisin' the city. This piece is piano, bass and drums with string orchestra. It’s NY on a warm October evening - always bustling, never sleeps, lots of lights. 

Featuring piano with very tight energetic drums, bass guitar and sweetened with synthesizer. The sound is spacious. 

Dave Grusin and Chick Corea inspired me on this one.

I used to listen to Bob James quite a lot. He keeps it simple with lots of groove.  This simply has a happy laidback feel to it.

Tenor saxophone takes the lead on this piece. The bass is deep and smooth with a pulsing synth in the background. The drums are repetitive, with a Quest feel.  The chorus has this retro chordal string orchestra, that drops into a nice interlude before the saxophone enters again to end the piece. I think of early morning Manhattan Beach, LA, the waves rolling gently to the beach.

This juiced-up blues piece is funky, masculine and accommodating.  It has a Television drama series / commercial feel with a few edit points. It’s driven by Rhythm section and synth.

Light and bouncy, Electric keys and synth with Rhythm section. 



This is a very open sound supporting feelings of thoughtful introspection, longing, a hint of uncertainty, yet hope.  Reality is just that! It’s more of a bigger Hip hop feel with Rhythm section and strings.

Driven Hip hop rhythms. The dynamic begins slow and low, an Oriental flavour, and abruptly increases to a big open sound rhythmically with string orchestra in the background.

It's all about the chase, Hans Zimmer feel, in this track.  Tense, with some deeper spaces. Run, hide, jump, hurry, scramble, fly!

This piece evokes Pleasantness. Visually reminds me of a Sunday afternoon by the sea... reflective, lazy/serene, moving water...the sun, warm.

Another Hans Zimmer feel with gradual intensity that something is around the corner or just over the next hill and it’s going to be in your face with a challenge!

The pulse of this track gives a continuum of expectancy with some release.  Think: "Midnight Steam".

This is intense Hip-hop! It has guts and punch in the trap feel.  It evokes a sense of victory! Scanning the night sky achieving greatness!

An edgy low frequency pulsing side-chained synths. Tension building darkness! - Reznor feel. 

This track has reflections of Alan Parsons.  I experiment with a pulsating synthesizer rhythm in the mid - low frequencies, creating a melodic background crescendo.  It feels like quiet secluded conversation (almost murmuring) that escalates to very strong opinions!

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